Depending on your goals and budgets you may want to utilize different techniques and strategies to reach your target market. Rest assured whether you're looking to make a small or a huge splash with your marketing campaigns, OMC has the tools to get the job done.


Standard Management, Citywide, Google Search Network, Desktops and Laptops, Compatible Tablet Devices, Market Tested Ad Marquee

With OMC’s Standard Management, Campaign Managers will research, compare and select exact search terms that have been determined to bring you the highest return on your overall investment. Exact search terms are very specific and are targeted towards your specific market, whether by city, county or region. Your advertisements will be triggered and featured at the exact moment potential clients are searching on Google within your target market.

In addition to desktop and laptop computers, your advertising will also be featured on compatible tablet devices with the option to incorporate your advertisements onto mobile phones. Your advertisements will be featured on Googles Search Network which includes Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, and Groups. Your advertisements will also receive our market tested ad text designed to attract and achieve the response you expect.

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Pay-Per-Click Management, Statewide or Nationwide, Mobile Marketing, Custom Ad Marquee, Call Extensions, Sitelinks, Search Partners.

With OMC’s Pay-Per-Click Management, Campaign Managers will research and compare an extensive array of statistical information determined and based on how, when and where potential clients are searching on Google. Your advertisements will be featured statewide or nationwide across a broad range of PPC keywords with updates and maintenance being applied routinely to ensure maximum exposure with the highest return on your investment.

In addition, your advertising will extend to mobile phones, and Google Search Partners, a network of hundreds of non-Google websites like (AOL, CNN, and The New York Times). Your advertisements will also be equipped with Google Call Extensions (your direct phone number) with a Click-To-call feature on all compatible mobile devices. Finally, Google Sitelinks will be integrated to direct clients to popular landing destinations within your website.

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