FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I a good candidate for OMC Services?
A: If you are an active Realtor that can currently work with buyers or sellers then you are an ideal candidate.

Q: Are OMC’s services exclusive?
A: Yes, we guarantee to only place one individual client in a Google Search Term at any given time.

Q: What is the cost to advertise myself and my website on Google.com with OMC?
A: That depends on which services you elect to incorporate. We offer many different packages and services; each tailored and designed to achieve specific marketing outcomes. A typical client will have a monthly service charge ranging between $100-$500 dollars, however many clients choose to maximize their online presence which increases their monthly service charge.

Q: Do I have to enter into a contract?
A: No, any and all services offered by OMC are always on a month-to-month basis. However, some clients elect to enter into a commitment ranging between 3- 6 months or 1 year to lower their monthly service charge, as all commitment terms are offered at a reduced rate.

Q: Once I sign up, how long will it take for my advertisements to be featured on Google.com?
A: Typically, a new client will be up and running within 24-48 hours. However, because each advertisement is individually reviewed by Google for relevancy and quality score we guarantee you will be online within 2-4 business days, unless otherwise expressed.

Q: How do I make changes or update my account or advertisements?
A: Simply call 1-877-636-3987 during normal business hours or email: customerservice@youromc.com, all submissions whether expressed by voice or by email will be updated within 24 hours, unless, due the complexity of your submission we express otherwise.

Q: How will I know this is working?
A: We implore our clients to keep track of their own results by simply asking each and every potential client that contacts them how they found their website, name, phone number, email, or listing information.

Q: How can I see a breakdown of my account activity?
A: Simply contact customer service and request a (AAR) Account Activity Report. A Standard Managed (AAR) will detail your last 30 days, outlining your average page position, your total impressions vs clicks and your click through rate. PCC Managed (AAR) include a campaign spend total of your last 30 days, best performing keywords, search phrases and search terms, and a vast array of other insightful information.

Q: May I pause my account?
A: Yes, your account may be paused for up to 3 months. Please note a $5.00 charge will be applied for every month you remain paused.

Q: How will charges appear on my statement?
A. All transactions processed by Online Marketing Consultants, LLC will appear on your statements as (youromc.com8776363987 or OMC-Google Real Estate).

Q: I just noticed my advertisement is not showing, how come?
A1: OMC cannot guarantee exact positioning of a client’s advertisement. There may be events outside of our control that temporarily hinder our capacity to secure google placement. These events could include, but are not limited to ad blockers, incompatible or outdated software, daily or monthly ad spending limits, incompatible mobile devices, mobile restrictions with your carrier, google system updates, google account reviews, or any other event outside the control of OMC. We recommend all clients use Google’s Preview tool whenever searching their own advertisements located here.

A2: You have searched too many times. In an effort to always provide the best user experience Google has implemented several factors into deciding not only whose advertisements they feature when a search query is entered, but how many times they will continue to show the same advertisements. If you continually search for the same thing but do not click on anything or are just checking to “make sure you are there” Google will eventually make the determination that they aren’t displaying or showing you relevant results. Hence they will begin to show you other advertisements. Rest assured this is only occurring on your computer and on your own unique IP Address, everyone else is seeing you just fine. We recommend all clients use Google’s Preview tool whenever searching their own advertisements located here.

A3: You’re searching from an area outside of your target market. If you're a Realtor in New York then it’s completely normal for you to believe that your advertising would be featured whenever anyone searches for New York Homes for Sale”, this is not entirely correct. Your advertisements are designed to target your specific geographical area whether statewide or nationwide. For instance: if you have elected to go with OMC’s Statewide Package and your business is based in New York and someone in California does a search for “New York Homes For Sale” your advertisement will not be featured, since you have elected to specifically target the state of New York, hence we have excluded all locations outside of your target market in an effort to hone in on your local location and specific areas of expertise. We recommend all clients use Google’s Preview tool whenever searching their own advertisements located here.

Q: Aside from calling, what other methods are available if I need assistance with my account?
A: Anything relating to your services with OMC can also be assisted through email by contacting customerservice@youromc.com.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: Cancellations by phone are not accepted. All cancellations must be submitted by completing our account cancellation form during hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, pacific time) a minimum of (3) business days prior to automatic reoccurring billing date. To cancel your account, please click here.